Why take private lessons?

     Private lessons set students up to achieve success.  
Music is fun!  
Music is even more fun when you're good at it!

     When private lessons are recommended to music students, parents often wonder why this may seem necessary if their student is enrolled in a beginner band class. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to ensure that individual student needs are met sufficiently.  As a former band director, I have personally experienced these issues - especially in beginner clarinet classes where enrollments usually range between 20 and 50 students! 
     Band Directors are very efficient general educators, meaning that they excel at teaching students the needed general knowledge involving music theory, basic fundamental technique, tone production, and ensemble (group) development. Students who wish to improve or excel on an instrument, at some point, will begin to feel as if they are ready to progress faster in their instruction than what is offered within a group setting.  At this point, the best way to accelerate the learning process is to find a private lesson teacher who is a specialist on their particular instrument.  

A private instructor can offer many benefits to students including the following:
  • Individualized Instruction - An instructor tailors lessons to the goals, needs, skill level, and learning style of each student.
  • Instant Feedback - One-on-one instruction allows for personal interaction with the teacher to develop skills.
  • Goal Setting - Private Instructors help students establish both short-term and long-term goals that are attainable and encourage success.
  • Technique - Students have an opportunity to learn more specific, in-depth elements of the instrument that can help with improved performance and results. 
  • Personal Skills - Through the study of music performance, students are regularly proven to develop lifelong personal skills including time management, efficient practice skills, critical problem-solving, pattern recognition, self-discipline, and patience.
  • Motivation - Private teachers are able to motivate students to a higher standard of achievement through increased rigor.
  • Support & Mentorship - Teachers are not only educators of facts and knowledge.  As positive adult role models for our students, we help provide a system of support and encouragement.  Musicians, as members of the Arts Community, face roadblocks and disappointments during our study and career that can take a toll on mental health and emotional well-being.  It is very important for music students to feel that a network of support and encouragement is always available when needed.
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